Dyno & Tuning

TOBZ PERFORMANCE has an in house Mustang Dyno MD-AWD-500 Dynamometer. The strength of the MD-AWD-500 Series is in its ability to test both axles of the vehicle under the same imposed load; while at the same time synchronizing front and rear wheel speed. Many dynamometer manufacturers today offer AWD dynos where the front and rear rollers are not connected together. This allows the front and rear wheels of the vehicle to travel at different speeds which can cause significant damage to the center differential of the vehicle. The mechanical linkage we offer with the MD-AWD-500 Series allows you to also test 2WD vehicle with traction control systems that will activate when they see the rear wheels spinning, but not the fronts.

- $400 E85 TUNE (3 HOURS)
- $400 AEM TUNE

The Mustang Dynamometer is capable of accurately loading 2WD or 4WD/AWD vehicles for the highest level of repeatability in the industry. We utilize a load-bearing dyno that uses an eddy-current load absorption unit with low inertia rollers for precise and instant torque measurement and power production feedback while the vehicle is running.

The vehicle's weight and aerodynamic profile are utilized to accurately load the vehicle as it accelerates on the dyno. We can also simulate acceleration ramps and climbing grades. A full weather station that instantly measures barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity is also employed that reads as the dyno is operating. For tuning our Mustang load bearing dyno ensures we can hit each load cell, and optimize part throttle mapping, rather than just wide-open-throttle blasts on the typical inertia dyno that many shops utilize.