About Company

Tobz Performance Tuning was founded over five years ago, back in 2005. But our passion for cars and pushing the envelope goes much further back. A lifetime automotive and performance enthusiast, Brian Tobia started his first automotive business as a teenager working on cars in his parents garage.

Fast forward a decade and a half: Tobz became familiar with the incredible potential of the 2003 and newer Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and quickly became one of Colorados most experienced and accomplished Evo performance tuners, especially in the arena of extracting maximum power, reliability, and everyday driveability with ethanol/gasoline E85 fuel.

We proved it at the track, too: 11.70 @ 117 mph with a stock Evo9 turbo previously an unheard-of speed for an Evo running at the nearly 6,000 foot elevation of Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, CO.

In 2006, Tobz Performance Tuning moved to Longmont, Colorado. Having a professional service lift and the space necessary to perform complicated jobs enabled Tobz to provide the Front Range Evo community with a wide range of mechanical services everything from fluid changes (which are anything but routine on an Evo; they are CRITICAL) to clutch replacement to complete race engine builds.

He continued to refine his engine tuning skills, and expanded his repertoire to turbocharged Subaru WRX and STis, any vehicle running an AEM standalone engine management system, as well as 4G63- powered DSMs like the Evo, Eclipse, Talon, and Galant VR-4. He even tuned and wrenched on a 700whp 2JZ-GTE Toyota Supra in-between working on AWD cars nonstop.

Movin On Up! In January of 2010, Tobz Performance Tuning took two big steps: the shop location was moved to Denver, Colorado; and a brand-new, Mustang AWD MD-AWD-500 dynamometer was acquired.

Moving Tobz Performance to Denver located minutes from the intersection of I-25, Highway 36, and Highway I-76 made it easier for performance enthusiasts all over the Denver metro area to get to our shop. And having an in-house, AWD brake dyno (as opposed to a inertia dyno, which is better suited for generating bragging rights numbers than effectively simulating real-world loads and perfecting an engines timing and fuel maps) has allowed Tobz to take his tuning to an even higher level than before.

In June, fellow Evo enthusiasts and experts from AMS Performance of Chicago, Illinois visited Tobz Performance Tuning, joining forces to work for over 24 continuous hours on Dave Kerns rally-prepped Evo in the final days before competing in the second-oldest continuously running motorsports race in America: the epic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

2010: Four for four! At Tobz Performance Tuning, our customers come first. So as much as we would like to compete in every performance and racing event out there, we had to limit ourselves to just a few. But our track record for 2010 is 100%: Four events entered, and four wins!

In April, Tobz decided to enter his newly completed race car in the annual CU Sports Car Club Car Show. The seasoned judges recognized Tobz obsessive attention to detail throughout the build of this take- no-prisoners track warrior, and awarded his efforts with the title of Best Shop Car (along with a giant trophy).

In August, the race car proved it in the real world at the U.S. Performance Street Car Shootout at Bandimere Speedway. There was plenty of strong competition, but consistent 1.6-second 60-foots and blistering 10-second runs (10.85, 10.9, 10.95, 10.98) allowed Tobz to dispatch the other contenders and come out on top as the USP Street Car Shootout winner.

Tobz took it back to the track the next month for the U.S. Performance World Tuner Challenge race event. Once again, the bright blue, carbon-fiber-doored demon from Tobz Performance Tuning was the winner. Win #3!

Finally, Tobz Performance Tuning provided the critical tuning expertise all season long for the 2010 SCCA Solo National Championship-winning Evo 9, owned by Hsun Chen and driven to victory in September by Chris Mayfield against over a thousand of the best autocross racers in the country. The Tobz-powered Evo of Doom was even featured on the cover of a national magazine! Four events, four wins.

Plans for 2011 While Tobz is most experienced and knowledgeable with tuning and working on the 4G63 and 4B11- powered Evo 8/9 and Evolution X, he is also branching out into other marques. Tobz Performance Tuning provided the dyno services for a twin-turbocharged Audi R8 supercar on the Mustang dynamometer last year, as well as Boulder Nissans full-blown 350Z, a 10-second show-and-go machine. Tobz Performance Tuning has also has worked with turbocharged N54 and N55-powered BMW 335i and 135i vehicles and will soon be applying his tuning magic on the 2.0T Hyundai Genesis and 1.6T Mini Cooper S too.

We are looking to set more records and win more trophies both on at the track, and on the dyno. And as always, Tobz is focused on advancing the state of the art in tuning to discover more ways to improve power output, reliability, driveability, and fuel economy. And putting huge grins on the faces of more power-hungry drivers!

This is going to be great year for Tobz Performance Tuning, and we are going to have a ton of fun along the way. We hope you will join us! Give us a call or stop by the shop; we would love to talk to you about the virtually limitless potential of YOUR car.